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A synthesis of various effective European and Oriental massage systems and American chiropractic. Muscle fatigue problems, elimination of toxins, muscle stagnation, swellings, rigidness, osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis and, of course, cellulite, obesity – those compose only a part of the whole list of all the problems that can be completely solved during a relatively short period of time with the help of unique methods. It helps to diminish facial muscle tension, stops the formation of new wrinkles and decreases existing ones, restores facial characteristics. A combination of new massage techniques also helps dispose of negative emotions. Lifting schemes give great results, stop muscle atrophy and skin drooping, actually, rejuvenate all face and neck tissue. This technique is focused on work with shoulder – spinal column area, venous and face circulation improvement that stop the pathological processes in shoulder and chest area.

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