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Hemo-Lympho Drainage

This type of massage working not only with lymphatic system, but also venous and inter-cellular fluid system that is one of the most important in our body. It enables to affect each system and treats specific conditions (varicose veins, lymphostasis, reduced immunity, impaired tissue and cells supply, aging and pathological dehydration and other).


Hemo-lympho drainage strengthens the immune system, stimulates fluid elimination, decreases humor stasis in tissues and muscles. Various swellings disappear; oxygen assimilation processes in tissues improve as well as the production of histamine and other bio-active substances. Parasympathetic system is activated (heart beat rate and arterial blood pressure decreases).


Face hemo-lympho drainage gives great results in treating couperose, skin dryness, premature aging, tissue, and muscle decreased elasticity. Facial skin becomes firm and a strong lifting effect is achieved.

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