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Translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy. It is a very simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over a person, animal or plant, with the intent to channel Reiki. It is also being sent, as absent healing, over distance and even through time. Your Reiki practitioner will probably want to know a little bit about your general health and your lifestyle before he or she begins. They will ask you to take off your shoes for comfort, and perhaps any metal jewelry in case it interrupts the Reiki flow or prevents your free movement. Even if you have a specific injury, you will receive a full-body treatment working from head to toe with the traditional hand positions. The practitioner will usually remain quiet during the session; this is because it is your time to relax and to let the gentle power of Reiki flow into your being. As you relax you may want to ask a questions or express yourself, or cry, or laugh, or giggle - there is no right or wrong reaction to Reiki. It simply facilitates holistic healing and promotes wellbeing. During your Reiki session you may have felt tingly, or saw beautiful colors, or felt wonderfully relaxed, but find that your back is still painful or your knee still stiff. Remember, part of the holistic nature of Reiki is that it heals the whole - it knows already where to go. 

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