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Silk treatment ensures that clients are instantly gratified with silky smooth skin when they leave the salon and see visible improvements over time from the very first treatment. It addresses the causes and symptoms of aging skin from every angle and skin layer with a gentle treatment that results in no irritation. The pampering treatment features instant remedies for the signs of aging including firming and lifting skin and filling wrinkles. Clients leave the salon looking absolutely smooth and feeling absolutely gorgeous. 


  • Smoothes, firms and tightens skin for noticeably immediate, visible results

  • Moisturizing formulas leave skin soft and glowing

  • Infuses vitamins and rejuvenates tired skin

  • Restores ideal skin pH without irritation

  • Appropriate for sensitive, seborrheic and couperose skin

  • Perfect for special occasions – as often as desired

  • 80% reduction in fine lines within 10 minutes

  • Acts preventatively as a protective shield against oxidative stress

  • Strengthens the connective tissue by increasing the formation of collagen-I

  • Improves micro-circulation and strengthens the native collagen and elastin matrix

  • Promotes healthy growth of fresh cells

  • Dissolves irregularity in fatty acids

  • 25% reduction in fine lines within 3 months

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