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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons, and fascia. 

Hemo-Lympho Drainage

This type of massage works not only with the lymphatic system but also, the venous and inter-cellular fluid system which is one of the most important in our body. It affects each system to treat specific conditions.


This technique is focused on work with the shoulders – spinal column area, venous, and face circulation improvement that stop the pathological processes in the shoulder and chest area.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage regulates the nerve functions, decreases the susceptibility to disease and improves joint flexibility.


This treatment ensures that clients are instantly gratified with silky smooth skin when they leave the clinic and see visible improvements over time from the very first treatment. It addresses the causes and symptoms of aging skin from every angle.

Neurosedative Massage

This technique is designed to work with emotional-psychological stress and its consequences like chronic fatigue, apathy, sleep disorders, irritability and other various psychosomatic disorders: hypertension, angina pectoris, gastric ulcer, diabetes, skin diseases and other.

Miotensive Technique

A unique method that affects joints, i. e. joint unblocking method. This technique is unique because it includes relaxing massage for particular muscle groups that increases the elasticity of muscle tissue.


Translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy. It is a very simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over a person, animal or plant, with the intent to channel Reiki. It is also being sent, as absent healing, over distance and even through time.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stones are used for the relief of aching muscles, sore joints and tense spots in our body. It is a therapy that goes back to ancient civilization, where heated Hot Stones are then placed on the back, chest, shoulders, in the palms of your hands, and even placed between the toes.


Reflexology not only positively affects our physical bodies, but also has a positive balancing effect on our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, it affects our whole person. Reflexology works by pressing a spot on the foot, hand, face or ears. A message is sent to a corresponding body part.

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